Daily Surf Report - 12/11/2015

Inspirational Quote Of The Day: 
"Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people." - Carl Jung


Night lurkers and stoke searchers gather at the edge of the world and prepare to take the plunge.  Entry and exit will remain a formidable issue to tackle all day.  Current NW swell reaching double digits on all measurable parameters and winds are slack and inviting.  Building tide pushing aquatic levels to the breaking point and you can get wet today without even trying.   Skies remain clear and temps are leveled off and crisp at 44F.  If you search within and summon a modicum of faith rewards are out there for the taking.  Deep breaths and centered focus are required as are a good set of paddling appendages.  

CHANNEL: Rearing rollers from the depths are penetrating the surface and emerging with wide swaths upon which to ply the trade.  Outside breakers offer more manageable forms as high tide keeps it soft though plenty of water moving around.  Upon the inner bar interesting transformations occur as shallow footings cause an upheaval and unleash the spin cycle variations.  If you approach with caution and resolve some treasures may come your way.

PATCH:  A less agressive option though still no easy way to gain access.  Not nearly as organized as many would hope as swell direction dictates scraps and offshoots in the offering.  A determined duo has ventured forth and awaits the approval of those upon the cliffs needing inspiration and inclination.  Pulsing poppers that can swarm and overwhelm mixed with lesser evils that can graciously push.    

 Respect the Beach 


LOW: 4:35 A2.7'
HIGH: 10:44 AM  6.2'

LOW: 5:27 PM  -0.7'

WINTER HOURS are now in effect. 
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