Daily Surf Report - 12/12/2015

Inspirational Quote Of The Day: 
"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates


Settled skies above though still a tumultuous sea below as we seek to make something positive from the current offerings.  Larger than large NW swell continues its visit and overwhelms in most capacities.  Winds are cooperative and grooming but water levels pulse and grow to furious heights before the plug gets pulled and it all drains away.  Early access more forgiving though those opportunities are rapidly diminished with smashing triumphs.  Slide scouts are on the prowl and a steady stream of the suited + booted are descending upon our shores. Tread lightly and give thanks and you may be rewarded with total consciousness.   

CHANNEL: Much water moving though spatial integrity leaves much to be desired.  An assemblage of rough riders are on it with varying degrees of success and failure mixed well this morning.  Broad breakers are summoned from the depths to deliver challenges to be faced head on and tamed.  Early eager patrons of the brine have set their sites on liberal lefts which have more tendency to close than remain open for biz.  Intermingled among the chaos are some gems to be mined like crystals from the deep.  Stay thirsty my friends. 

Sometimes it feels
Like the world’s stuffed with feathers
Table-bottom gum
Just holding it together

 Respect the Beach 


LOW: 5:14 A2.8'
HIGH: 11:22 AM  6.2'

LOW: 6:04 PM  -0.8'

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